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SensOR puts the 'feeling' back into Surgery!


SensOR has developed the ForceFilm, an add-on force-sensing system for any standard minimally invasive surgical (MIS) instrument, which provides real-time force feedback for surgeons and surgical residents. The ForceFilm accurately measures the forces exerted on the tissue from the instrument tip and wirelessly communicates the force information to the surgeon via visual force-feedback – reducing the use of unsafe force levels and variability during surgery, thereby increasing surgical safety and patient satisfaction, and accelerating surgical training programs.

SensOR’s vision is to more effectively and efficiently train surgical residents, increase safety of MIS, and use our force-sensing technology to enable new surgical procedures that are not possible today.

Surgical Safety
It is Our Motivation

Medical error is the third largest cause of death, and improper application of force makes up an estimated 12% of all medical error. Knowledge of the amount of force applied to the tissue will allow surgeons to operate more accurately and safely and transform surgical training programs.

MIS is quickly being adopted because of its reduction in surgical trauma compared to open surgery; however there are still issues associated with this improved surgical procedure. The main disadvantages are:

  • Lack of training or inexperience of surgeon.
  • Minimal feedback provided by the surgical endoscope camera view.
  • Deprived sense of touch increasing risk of accidental injury - leading to longer recovery time, hospital stays AND post-operative complications.

The impact which these issues have on patient safety has motivated SensOR to develop the ForceFilm. The potential for SensOR’s ForceFilm to enhance training programs and reduce medical error in surgery brings value to surgeons, hospitals, and patients alike.


Typical MIS Surgery


"Accurate knowledge of the amount of force being applied to tissue will allow surgeons to operate more accurately and safely with fewer complications.
....Currently, there are no force-sensing surgical instruments available today."

- Dr. Michael Hawke, MD

On the need for surgical force-sensing

Our Solution

For Patients

Improves surgical safety, putting the focus on better outcomes and greater satisfaction and faster recovery times.

For Hospitals

Enhances surgery and training without having to replace current suite of surgical instruments or alter hospital workflow.

For Surgeons

Improves force accuracy and allows surgeons to standardize their procedures, withough disrupting the current surgical workflow.

For Medical Residents

Accelerates overall training process and gives residents more independence when learning with real-time force feedback.

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We work with hospitals, surgeons, and surgical training facilities to bring clarity and safety to Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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